Crititrac: Mobile Application for Standardized Documentation, in Real Time, at Code Blue Rescue Events

CritiTrac is a software application purpose-built for use on mobile devices; it allows for standardized documentation, in real time, at Code Blue1 rescue events. The app can be used in any setting with Code Blue / Rescue teams responding to cardiac arrest resuscitation events.

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Device and System for Passive Clinical Assessment

The Device and System for Passive Clinical Assessment acquires biometric data passively at or before an interview at the ED triage desk and displays this information for triaging clinicians.

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Risk Detection and Intervention Device to Prevent Sudden Death

The Risk Detection and Intervention Device to Prevent Sudden Death (SUDEP) and Sudden Unexplained Infant Death (SUID) uses software combined with a computing device capable of receiving or collecting accelerometer data and vitals.

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Voice Interface: Bridging the Gap Between Computing Appliance Voice Interfaces and Other Common Platforms

The Voice Interface (VI) software bridges the gap between computing appliance voice interfaces and other common platforms. A task initiated with Voice Interface technology can be shifted across platforms to devices more appropriate to complete the task more quickly and more securely.

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Wheelchair with Dynamic Occupant-Tilt Feature; Developed for Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Originally conceived as a pressure ulcer preventative, this specialty wheelchair allows caregiver and/or patient user to apply automated settings of seated movement for the caregiver and/or patient user. Manual manipulation demands time and resources and leaves open the possibility of costly human error.

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1 A Code Blue event is a medical emergency where a patient’s heart stops beating or their lungs stop functioning.