Our Solutions

At the Health & Technology Innovation Center of ChristianaCare, our team directs multiple efforts to improve the lives and experiences of our patients. With more than 30 projects in our portfolio, we’re always looking for ways to deliver better care to our neighbors!


CareRef is a mobile and web based application designed by ChristianaCare clinicians for easy access to ChristianaCare guidelines and other patient care reference material both on-site and remotely.

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Pregnancy Care Coach

For moms-to-be, pregnancy can be just as intimidating as it is exciting. Pregnancy Care Coach is here to guide and encourage moms-to be at every step of the way.

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CritiTrac iOS

App designed for life-saving emergencies recognized with FutureEdge 50 Award. CritiTrac is a mobile application that allows for standardized documentation in real time at Code Blue rescue events. CritiTrac is designed to reduce variability, to better coordinate care delivery, and to introduce data collection efficiencies.

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ED Call Log/Trauma Tracking

The ED Call Log application automates and streamlines the Emergency Department communication process and improves the way Trauma Program staff respond to and manage trauma cases.

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Rave Reviews

RAVE Reviews is an application which supports our recognition program which highlights the best ways to acknowledge and recognize our colleagues for taking care of our neighbors The ChristianaCare Way.

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